"Emotion is the Messenger of Love"*

My Mission


Welcome. My mission is to help people feel more empowered in their daily lives, to feel more comfortable in their own skin, to be more in touch with themselves and others. My skills, passion and empathy will help you heal at the core to find your best self.

When in distress, people can turn away from themselves and their loved ones. In daily life, this can manifest in anxiety, panic, sleeplessness, hypervigilance, checking out or numbing with food, the phone, internet, alcohol or other drugs or behaviors that might be a quick fix. We will work together to uncover the source and deeper meaning of those behaviors and work towards new and more inspired ways of being yourself and being in relationship with your loved ones. 

I take my work very seriously, and I create a safe and healing space free of judgment, allowing you open up freely. If after learning more about you and your needs and challenges, I can’t be the one to help you, I am part of an amazing network of healers in various modalities and together we can help you to an emotionally better place.  

--Mena Zaminsky, PsyD, LMFT


A client says:

"I’ve benefited from many caring and skillful therapists over the years. My work with Mena has been profoundly different. Mena has a deeply caring style, is incredibly bright, attentive and attuned. Mena is also incredibly skillful with embodied modalities. She helps me slow down to tend to the untended places within myself with loving support.


Our work has changed my DNA. I walk in the world in a different way. Life still has its ups and downs but my sense of OK-ness and sense of love and lovability is so much more stable. I am profoundly grateful.


I recommend her to everyone I know. I wish for everyone a Mena."--Brooke D.




I am passionate about inclusion and diversity, and in these tumultuous times, I hold a safe haven for all humans to share their trauma, fears, and struggles.

Diverse Practice 

My practice is very diverse and I serve adults of every race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation. 

Coronavirus Update:    

My practice is going at full speed on (HIPPA compliant, clinical version of) Zoom and by telephone. If you need more information please contact me.

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All photos on this site except those of Mena Zaminsky are representative, and not of actual clients.

* The quote: "Emotion is the messenger of love" is by Kathryn Rheem.