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Sunset Romance


"Mena’s excellent work has been critical to my healing during a really difficult time in my life. She combines her deep warmth with a clear explanation of what is happening in my post trauma brain and body. Together this support has helped me have compassion for myself when I’ve needed it most." --D.V.

"Working with Mena as my supervisor was simply wonderful. She provided much space and support for my ideas about therapy to expand, while simultaneously challenging me to grow through my blindspots as a clinician. Mena’s approach—empathic and open-minded, yet focused and boundaried—really allowed for the therapeutic container to blossom, where inspired work could unfold." --Matt G.

""When I walked into Mena’s office for the first time, I was dealing with a great amount of self criticism, anxiety and panic attacks. After working closely with her for almost 6 months, I was able to manage my negative thoughts, flashbacks from my past traumas and I finally could reclaim the lost control over my life. Mena is a very reliable and resourceful therapist. Not only has she helped me with her extensive knowledge and techniques, but also she has a great deal of resources for different types of issues which I benefited from." --Tina 

"Thanks to Mena, I've changed in so many positive ways in the last year. She has helped me dig into trauma from years ago and has conducted very successful EMDR treatments with me. I tapped into memories that had been locked away for so long. Mena helped me unlock them with so much ease, poise, and skill. She's helped so many issues related to bullying & discrimination at work, relationship squabbles, mother/daughter relationships, body image issues, and more.


The kindness, insightfulness, professionalism, and wisdom that Mena has shared with me is invaluable. I end every session feeling like someone hit the refresh button on my mind and soul. Even my close friends and family have noted the difference in who I was a year ago. I'm grateful for all the tools Mena has provided me to be more at ease with myself." --C.G.

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