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My Associates

It has been my joy and honor to work with many pre-licensed clinicians in their internships to obtain the required 3000+ hours of supervised work and shepherd them towards licensure. As my practice is filled with a diverse population, I am also interested in working with associates from diverse communities, and especially supporting those who have generally been underrepresented, both as therapists and in underrepresented communities.

For pre-licensed associates, there is the ability to offer more flexibility regarding hours and fees. We offer both HIPPA compliant virtual sessions and some in-person sessions in Oakland (Temescal), CA. All therapeutic services provided by my associates are offered collaboratively, under my supervision and guidance.


"My experience as Mena’s supervisee was an invaluable piece of my growth as a clinician.  Mena was supportive, relatable, highly knowledgeable and available to process both my work with clients and what came up for me in the supervisory dyad. 

Her grounding presence and expertise with trauma made diving into my most challenging case work and counter transferences as easy as I could hope for."--Nathan

Meet my Associates:

Dara Freed

Joseph Warner

If you are pre-licensed and seeking a private practice internship and supervision, please click below.

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